Tevah Moshe NPO was set up in 2019 in response to the baby abandonment crisis in South Africa. It began with a conversation between Aoife Kelly and her husband, Leon de Klerk. Leon shared that during his time studying to become a civil engineer they visited a water treatment facility and was confronted by the reality that one of the largest contributors to drain blockages are discarded fetuses. 

It is estimated that 3500 babies are found abandoned across the country each year, and for every one baby found alive two are found dead.

For this reason our purpose is to raise awareness around this crisis, to point mothers in crisis to the Pregnancy Help Centres for advice and support. One of the methods we do this is through our free-standing modular baby safe unit.

The baby safe unit allows for the mother and baby to remain anonymous and gives a desperate mother an option for safe adoption – of babies that they are not able to take care of – when left with no alternative.

Supported by a group of loyal and compassionate responders and with Vetus Schola security service, the Maccassar unit became operational in May 2020. The location of the baby safe is private, safe, close to public transport, and in an established community.

The heart of Tevah Moshe is to end the baby abandonment crisis in South Africa. 


The purpose of the organisation is raise awareness of the crisis that exists, to point mothers in crisis to the Pregnancy Help Centres for hope, support and advise, and to provide a safe baby abandonment option for mothers with no other option.

Tevah Moshe in Hebrew is ‘Moses Basket’. When Moses’ mother was forced to put him into the basket and send him down the river, she chose life for her son. In the same way, the Tevah Moshe baby safe offers a mother in a desperate situation an alternative to unsafe abandonment and facilitates the journey of the baby into their forever family. 


We believe every baby was planned by God.
We believe in Life.
We believe in ‘as it is in Heaven, let it be on earth’.
We believe that we are vessels called to usher in God’s Kingdom Come.